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Exam Days~

I’m now having my final exams. 6 papers in total, where 2 already taken. Another one tomorrow which is Numerical Methods, then Wedsnesday Electrical Technology, Saturday Microprocessor and Sunday Electronic Communications. Going nuts with the studies so took a break and blog something here.


A big mess on my study desk.. papers notes and papers.. zzz

I was trying to print out some notes using my printer and trying to fix it because it malfunctioned. Damn Canon printers… useless! Most Canon printers had the same problem which is the circuit board connected to the printer head malfunctioned. What happened to my printer is that it can’t detect whether there is ink catridge installed or not and the printer just can’t communicate with my pc. It stated offline although the printer is connected properly to the pc. Damn!


My old Canon S100SP printer.. zzz

This is what people did when they get frustrated with the hardware. I was trying to fix it, and ended up opening all the covers.


The ink catridge holder will just stay at the middle even I had the cover closed whatsoever. Bang it, crash it, still the same. Just can’t fix it.. I think its the circuit board problem?? Nah.. just throw it into the trash and the problem solved… lol..

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