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Phew.. exams are all in the corner now. I just had 2 exams today, Intel Assembly Language Programming at 8am and Engineering Economics at 8pm. Great huh? Well its really hard for the programming exam as the questions were all in Bahasa Malaysia. Damn.. All the while we were studying the English textbook and even the teaching slides were in English, but why did the lecturer made a BM question paper?

I’m not complaining anything but its actually quite hard for me to understand the questions although some translated words were followed by English in brackets. Can you imagine the term "debug" is called "Nyahpepijat" in BM? OMG.. Sometimes I really wonder why they translate those english terms into BM. Isn’t it better if the words were used directly without translating them?

Another 2 more exams coming up.. Wireless Communications on Thursday and Data Communications on next Monday. I need to submit my final year project title proposal form by this Friday too. Working on embedded TCP/IP networking stuffs… Hopefully can finish it well.
A photo of a car accident involving a Waja and a lorry. The Waja was so wrecked and was covered with paint from the lorry..

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