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It was a frustrating day yesterday. I was having my Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification 1 (CCNA 1) final test at 6pm, but there was no electricity since I woke up at 11am. Damn it, all my notes were in my harddrive!! I have no access to the notes so I thought of going to the computer lab in the University after lunch if still out of electricity. As predicted, the power is not up yet after lunch. 😥

There is something about the terms we have in the country. When you see banners in the University saying “Towards World Class Universities“, do not, I mean DO NOT take the words for it. I went to my faculty’s computer lab after lunch, 3 of them, all closed! “Ok, maybe it’s still lunch time… 😐 ” I thought. So I waited, and waited, until 2.30pm. All 3 labs were still closed! Since when do these technicians get to have such long lunch break huh??? 👿 👿


I gave up and immediately 💡 thought of another computer lab nearby. The computer lab in Centre for Information & Communication Technology (CICT) building. I quickly drove my car over the building and rush into the lab. Remember that the test is at 6pm meaning that I still have 3hours+ to revise it! And guess what? The lab was closed as well! I actually can see some of those students who were waiting there looked like this…


Without any choice left, I drove my car up to the hills to the library. The library has more than 100 computers for students use but I put it as my last choice. Why?

  1. It’s super far from the car park and my faculty. 😯
  2. I need to waste a lot of energy and sweat a lot by walking to the library because it is situated up on the hill. 😆
  3. I can park my car up on the hill but with the risk of getting summoned with parking tickets. (Students are not allowed to park there) 😎

In the end, I parked my car up on the hill and used the computers in the library. Spent whole afternoon reading the notes from the monitor, and got well prepared for the test. 5.45pm, time to go to the Computer Science Faculty to sit for the test. So I drove my car (FYI, the campus is really big that I need to drive around, to prevent from sweating.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ) to the faculty. Right when I walking towards the lift, I saw a notice on the notice board…

CCNA class canceled due to power outage. Replacement class on next Thurs.


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  • sewjin

    how i wish the PM or someone big was visiting our uni while all this is happening. sure kena belasah. Universiti TEKNOLOGI Malaysia?! Elektrik pun tarak! Komputer pun tarak!

  • Musa

    Hahahaha… what a frustrating day! well, but a good ending.. you got extra time to be more prepared… By the way, is it no longer a trend to have paper/hard copy notes these days?

  • menghua

    Musa: the notes is all in CISCO website and I was lazy to print it out because it’s too much and there are some flash description in it. That’s why was thinking of reading it online.. who knows no electric jek…

    hey sis… how’s ur new phone ar? 😆

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