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Getting Relevant Google Adsense Ads~

adsenseGoogle Adsense is popular for showing ads relevant to the site content. But sometimes it fails to do so where you will get some other ads which are differ to your content. For my site as example, sometimes I get ads like US Army, Who’s the next Pope and other ads that I don’t even know why is showed in my site. My NBA season post is no longer in the main page but still I get a lot of NBA and basketball ads instead of others.

So how do we get relevant ads then? There is a method called Section Targeting. All we need to do is by adding a special HTML comment tags into our code. These tags will mark the beginning and end of whichever section(s) you’d like to emphasize or de-emphasize for ad targeting. By doing this, you will tell the Google Adsense bot to focus on your content and not your domain name, website’s title or description.
The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format:

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

This is the text of your web page. Most of your content resides here.

<!– google_ad_section_end –>
For wordpress users, you should put this code in the main index template.

You can use section targeting to make suggestions about as many sections of a page as you like. However, please be aware that Google can’t guarantee the results, and that it may take up to 2 weeks before the crawlers take into account any changes you’ve made to your site.

I’ve just tried this by inserting the tags into my site. Did anyone try this before? Did you get more relevant ads after using this methods? But of course, you need to have at least some good contents in your site in order to get the relevant ads. 😉

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