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Graduated – Last Photos~

Finally, I’m considered graduated from UTM! Still need to hand up my thesis with hard cover, but won’t be long. My coursemates and I had our last final exam last Friday, and had a group photo session after that.


These are the members of SET 2007 graduated batch. There are still a lot of coursemates missed the photo shooting session, Malay students most of them, so consider this as all of our coursemates. If you are wondering what is SET, it is a short form for our course name, Electrical – Telecommunications Engineering in Bahasa Malaysia. Erm.. Sarjana Elektrik – Telekomunikasi I think. Really forgotten what the short form stands for 😆


The Chinese students in our course. There’s some who didn’t come for the photo shooting session though.


Funny photo 😆 All the best everyone and take care!~ Hope everyone have a good future~ See ya in next 4 months for our convocation wearing like this. Now, time for job hunting. Anyone wanna hire me? 😉 Click on the photos for bigger view.

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