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Happenings night~

Yeh finished the test around 6.30pm. Quite easy test as its open book test and the calculations are easy. But I don’t know I did correct or not on the theory questions. Hope I did correct la. So after came back from campus, my housemates decided to go Senai for dinner. So 9 of us in 2 cars went for a 20 minutes trip for our dinner. Almost same like last time, we ordered the famous pei pa duck, pai kuat meat, and some small dishes.


We finished all the dishes.. all hungry like dinosaur!

After dinner we start our journey back to Skudai again. When we were almost at the last corner back to our house, we saw our friend’s car, David involved in an accident. He was standing at the side of the road. So all of us stopped our car at the roadside and see what happened to him. He’s alright after all. Just the car was badly ‘injured’.


His car is the left Nissan, while the right side is a Toyota Camry. The stupid driver, which is a mid-aged uncle, was trying to takeover him from the left and turn into the corner at the right while David was driving straight on his lane. It was obviously his fault of causing this accident. How the hell can he try to turn right into the corner while he was on the left lane??? Is he nuts? He didn’t even say sorry to my friend nor admit its his fault. He should slowed down for David to pass and then cut into the right lane to corner. Damn him.. What to say, its a bad day for David after all. Its no point of driving safely while others driving like morons..

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