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Happy Chinese New Year!

Yup! A few more days, and its Chinese New Year already!~ HUHU! Tomorrow I’ll be driving back to Teluk Intan from Skudai here, together with 4 of my friends. 2 of my housemates and another 2 is friends who are working in Pasir Gudang. I have to fetch that 2 fella to Sungai Long for 1 of them to take his car which is using by his gf temporally. I think this would be a long trip as a lot of people going back to their hometown tomorrow. And this morning my friend working in KL phoned me about the speedtrap cameras along the highway. I don’t know where he got the list from but he asked me to write down the details.. lol.. so I jot it down while he telling me where got speedtrap cameras. Very detail actually, like there’s camera under the overhead restaurant near sungai buloh there. Have to drive carefully and slowly tomorrow. Don’t want to lose my money just to pay the stupid summons!

Headache.. don’t know why. First time so pain at the forehead even at the eyebrow area. Like something hit my nerves and I was so pain til tears came out from my left eye in the class this morning. Must sleep early now. Good night!

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