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Happy CNY and Chinese Valentine’s Day~

It’s been quite long since the last post, and I myself can’t even believe that I’m writing a post on Happy Chinese New Year on the last day of Chinese New Year!

ist2_1201776_mandarin_oranges_in_hands.jpgToday is the 15th day of Chinese New Year, where people called it as “Chap Goh Meh” here. In traditions, it is considered as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. On this day, the all unmarried ladies and guys will gather by the river, where the ladies will throw mandarin oranges (with their names on it – if I’m correct 🙂 ) from the bridge into the river, and the guys will pick the oranges from below. I know you knew how the stories goes… The guys will get to go out for a date with the girls whose names are on the oranges the guys picked up… (I really hope that this story I wrote here is correct… 😛 )

So what have you done during Chinese New Year? I took a long holiday, which ends up almost 2 weeks in total and had a really great rest at home. The reunion dinner this year is really different. My uncles didn’t come back for the dinner, as well as my 3rd sister (because she got married last year). So ended up, only my parents, my 2nd sister and me, 4 people eating the reunion dinner. Other than that, it’s just gathering with friends having a tea time at night at some mamak stalls.


Yee Sang – A must for Chinese New Year

2nd day of Chinese New Year is the time when I can feel some Chinese New Year atmosphere. The whole family went to Bidor, where my grandma stays, to have a reunion lunch with all the relatives of my mom’s family. It’s a big family, which was more than 30 people sitting in 3 tables to have lunch together at a restaurant. In the evening when my family and I went back home, my sisters came back from their husbands’ family side. And here comes.. the MONSTER!!



The photo was taken quite long ago, where now her hair is much longer already. The monster came into our house and roared the whole neighborhood (cried out loud with all her strength!). Babies grows so fast and when you don’t even noticed it, she comes to you and called you “Kao fu!” (uncle in Cantonese). My heart melted.. 😆 But the sad thing is, I don’t get a chance to carry or hug her. She don’t let any guys to touch her other than her daddy. Some great attitude huh.. :mrgreen: Hanging out with the family is relaxing and calm. I haven’t been back to my hometown with my family since Deepavali which was a few months back. Every time I go back, I’ll be alone at home since I go back during weekdays and not on holidays (I’m working on shift and work on holidays as well).

On my 2nd week of my holiday, my secondary schoolmates and I went to Ipoh to collect our certificates. What certificate? We were once the best King Scouts in my hometown 😆 The purpose of going to Ipoh is to go to the Scouts’ Home to collect the King scout certificate. There was a ceremony to collect the certificate handed by the Raja Muda of Perak in Ipoh last June but none of us have the time to attend the ceremony. So ended up collect the certificate ourselves instead. The certificate is in A3 paper size, signed by all 9 Sultans and the King as well.


That’s how my Chinese New Year ends by gathering with my family and friends. As for the red packets? It is much lesser compared to the previous years. What to do.. I’m now in the working society already… :mrgreen:

So what did you do during your holidays? Mind to share? Hope you have a nice Chinese Valentine’s Day today. That ends our Chinese New Year this year.

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