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Happy New Year 2010~

Happy new year

It’s 2010 now! Happy New Year to everyone! Time flies like a blink of an eye and now it’s a new year again. 2009 had been a great year so far, compared to 2008 which I was working all the while without enjoying anything at all. Now, let’s see whether I’ve achieved my 2009 new year resolutions or not.

1. Get converted to a permanent staff as a back end support engineer.


Checked! I’m finally converted to permanent staff in my department, supporting international network platform and troubleshooting. My job scope had been changing from time to time, making more “fun” and “interesting” at work haha!~ Mind you that I’m changing job scope again in a few weeks time… Sweat! (I’m not in the photo above though.. lol)

2. Get a new car – Honda city or Toyota Vios?


Nope~ I’m still stuck with my old Proton. Despite having some breakdowns last year, I’m still driving the car like usual. Hopefully it won’t cause me any trouble this year though.

3. Get a new PDA phone (HTC Touch HD?) and don’t get stolen again.


Checked! I’ve bought myself a new HTC Touch HD early last year and the phone had been serving me well so far. I might aim for a iPhone 3Gs coming this year.. hmm..

4. Get a good camera.

nikon d90

Bought myself a decent camera in May 2009. It’s the Nikon D90. Serves me well so far and I’ve been learning up photography skills and shooting photos all around. Yet, I’ve been spending thousands on this luxury hobby.. -_-”’


5. Go for an oversea trip!!!!


Last year itself I went for 2 oversea trip instead of one. Went to China Guilin with my parents in April and then went to Bali with my siblings in September. Consider it done twice! It’s been a very fun trip though! (although Guilin trip was really kinda bored haha)


6. Rock climbing in 1 Utama which my colleague kept asking me to go for.

bukit tabur

Nope, I did not join my colleague for rock climbing but I went for hiking instead. Went to Bukit Tabur and Broga Hills and it was kinda scary and fun experience though.

7. Get a Girlfriend!


Managed to tie this up just a month ago. You will see the details very soon though 😛

8. Live life to the fullest!


There’s no way to measure this though, but compared to 2008, it has been an interesting year for me in 2009.

9. Update my blog as often as possible!

I’ve failed this one. Comparing with 2008, the rate of updating this blog just slightly increased. My blogging interests have been shifting to mobile phones mostly and posting some of the photos I took with my new camera.

2010 New Year Resolutions?

I can’t think of much though. So here’s a short list of what I’m gonna do this year.

1. Buy a property – landed house hopefully.

2. Get a new car – Same as last year though. But how am I suppose to afford this if I’m going to buy a property? Hmm…

3. Achieve more for my career.

4. Maintain good relationship with gf… haha..

5. Another oversea trip at least! – Phuket?

6. Keep fit and work out more! – I’m getting fatter and fatter nowadays..

I think that’s all here. Simple as it is, but can’t really measure much though. All the best to everyone for this great new year!

What’s your new year resolution and have you achieved any resolutions you made last year?

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  • junni

    😛 bravo man. i stil can’t think of mine. *sad. hmm, i agree with you,no. 8 will be my resolution then. and c’mon, i do wish could see you wit suyi tis coming cny, alright? 😉 cheers

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