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Yesterday my dad received a phone call from the Ipoh Hospital asking him to admit into the hospital today. So like last time, we guys have to wake up early in the morning and travel to Ipoh Hospital then. Normally its my dad that drive in the morning and I’ll drive on the way back. But this morning my dad just gave me the keys after breakfast… I was so blur and not enough sleep but luckily I had my coffee when breakfast haha~! So reached the hospital around 10am and the doctors have a check on my dad. After some basic checkups, they confirmed that my dad have to admit into the ward to have a surgery on his gum to take out the remainings of his tooth tomorrow. He had to stay overnight due to his high blood pressure.

Erm.. now that’s a lot of mop….

Luckily my mom is a government servant. They gave a 1st class room for my dad because of that haha~ Its a double room so have to share with some one else but the other patient was not around maybe for a few days from what the nurse said. The patient was admitted into ICU.

But still, not bad for a government hospital with the service there. The nurse of that ward was friendly, the room is quite ok, better than staying together in a big room full with patients right?

Ok… I need to get some sleep already. I have to go Ipoh again tomorrow to visit my papa after the surgery. The surgery will take place between 8am til 3pm tomorrow depends on the queue. I have to fetch my mom to her school 1st tomorrow before going to Ipoh again. Hope everything goes fine la. 🙂

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