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Hospital No More!~

Finally, I’m not going back to the Ipoh Hospital anymore for at least a few months! Went to the hospital again this morning with my mom and reached there around 9something. My dad was ready to discharge already when we reach there. But I need to have a check on my wisdom tooth 1st. So waited for quite a long time there and the nurse asked me to get a X-ray on my teeth. Waited again there and got the X-ray done. Quite funny because I was biting on a stick and the machine just move round and round around my head that time. In the end the dentist check on my teeth and said that he can do the surgery. The only problem is that we can’t set a date for it since I’m going back to Skudai next week and the dentist is not around next week. So I just tell the nurse that I’ll call when I got holiday that time and make an appointment with the dentist then. Sigh.. so bloody troublesome~

My dad? He’s ok afterall. His gum was swollen so he can only eat some soft food like porridge or maybe some noodles. He can’t speak like normal cos he can’t wear the artificial teeth on haha~ It won’t be swollen again after a few days so he just have to rest a bit lo.. So tired these few days keep travelling up and down. Finally can have a rest tonite~

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