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How Much Does a Site Worth?~

For the past few days, everyone was searching on the same keywords through the Internet, Google and YouTube. Why? Because Google had just bought YouTube at the price of 1.65 billion dollars ( That’s an astronomical amount for a website though…). The 2 owner of YouTube, a 27 years old and another 29 years old were now millionaires! This make me think of how much does a site really worth? Does making websites earn this much of money?

Well there’s quite a lot of examples on people who made a big fortune from developing websites. Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Baidu, Amazon, and a whole lot more. But how does they determine the worth of those websites? How I wish it was my site which Google bought.. lol.. So while I was still dreaming in my own fantasy land, I bumped into this site which has a tool to determine how much does a blog worth. And this is what I got…


I think the method used in this tool to determine the worth of a blog is through how many links linked to a site. So the more links linked to a site, the higher price the site will worth. My blog worth $8,468.10. Not bad I guess? If converted to Ringgit Malaysia I think I can afford a Proton. Haha~! But still, who wants to buy a blogsite with full of rants and posts on a single person’s life anyway? Google? Nah… In my dreams! This lead me to only one thinking now which is, STOP DREAMING AND GET BACK TO STUDY!

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