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How to Install a DVD Writer~

Since I’ve installed my old DVD Writer in the computer at my hometown, I need to get a new one for my own computer. So I bought a Sony DRU-830A DVD Writer today at the cost of RM128. The price for these writers is much cheaper compared to the price I bought a year ago. So this is how the DVD writer looks like.


Why Sony? I don’t really know actually. I asked the boss of the shop about which DVD Writer is the best and he recommend me this one. LG and Asus are good though, but he said this one is much better. The best thing is that it can read “pirated dvds” much better than others (Opps.. piracy here.. ). Convinced by what he said, I bought it in the end.


Its quite easy to install these type of cd rom or dvd roms. Just plug in the cables, screw it to the casing and its done. I’ll show you how to connect the cables later on.

But first, you need to open up a slot on your PC casing. This is the place where you will insert the dvd rom into it.


This is the view of the connection pin at the back of the dvd writer. Notice the small white thing there? That’s the jumper that you need to set this DVD writer to become the master or slave. The jumper is now at the master position and if you remove the jumper to the middle pins, the writer becomes slave. Confused?


Next, insert the DVD writer into the casing slot. Now let’s move to the connection part. The IDE cable and the power cable is connected to the pins like the photo above. Notice that there’s a red cable at the side of the IDE cable, it is a indicator to prevent you from connecting it wrongly. The red cable side must be connected just beside the power cable.


Lastly, secure the drive to the casing with the screws provided. Now, its done! Switch on your PC and it will automatically detects the new DVD Writer drive. I had some problem detecting the drive due to the registry corrupted. I’ll write on a post to solve this problem after later on.

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