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HTC Touch HD~

large2.jpgMy oh my, HTC is back again with something new. In order to counter the iPhone 3G, they came up with this new model called HTC Touch HD. HD stands for high definition. Why? This baby comes with a 3.8 inch wide, WVGA 480 X 800 pixel screen (iPhone comes with 3.8 inch screen but the resolution is lesser than this). So you can just imagine that you are carrying a PDA phone with a screen which looks exactly like the Sony PSP. Cool ain’t it?

Here are some cool specs for this gadget.

  • Processor :- Qualcomm® MSM 7201Aâ„¢ 528 MHz
  • Memory:- 512 MB ROM & 288MB RAM
  • Camera:-5 megapixels camera with auto focus

The difference between Touch HD with Touch Diamond or Touch Pro is just the specs above including a 3.5 mm audio jack. Other than that, they are basically the same such as HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth and so on.

Not to forget that Touch HD comes with a 1350mAh which should last longer than the predecessors but with the high resolution and bigger screen, I seriously doubt that it would actually last longer. In my opinion, the battery life would just the same as Touch Diamond, which really sucks!! 😛


The family shot of the new Touch family – Touch HD, Touch Diamond & Touch Pro.


Touch in the hand~.

Although the battery life would seem like a problem for this gadget, but I really like the sleek, clean design and the looks of it. Yet, more and more phone makers (nokia, samsung, LG…) are coming out with this type of phone, all with a big wide touch screen, but not on Windows Mobile though… 😛

Conclusion? With the cool looks of the phone, I’m sure it will make a big hit like the Touch Diamond once it is launched. The phone will only be out in December (if I’m not mistaken) so hopefully my hands will not get itchy to replace my current phone with this  😆 Maybe Santa will put one in my socks during Christmas time?  :mrgreen:

Oh ya, did I mention before that I already owned a Touch Diamond since few months ago? Hmm.. Obviously not. My family and friends will sure scold me if I buy this phone in Christmas haha~ I guess I must change it secretly by that time, since the Diamond and HD looks quite alike, from far though…  😈

Watch this Youtube video from HTC.

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