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I thought i got test today??

hey professor.. where are u?? i tot we are having our 2nd test today at noon? haha… funny.. 1st time happened since i’m in utm… suppose to hav an exam at 1pm today.. but then.. the lec did not present.. make us blur only… n yet… duno when is the exam postponed to.. damn it.. if really wana postpone.. better tmr or weds.. mayb 2 weeks later? a lot of assigns came up.. really can siao liao.. hav to present some digit system design on thurs.. luckily found a partner just now.. n then.. hav to prepare for next week’s test… 2 test coming.. statistic on monday.. n microwave propagation on weds or fri.. duno.. but the lec say he gona treat us for a meal since its fasting season already for the muslims… heheh…. n then.. more to come… stupid digit system fatty lecturer keep on giving assigns… wan us to do some case study for the chapter.. y? cos she lazy to teach la.. that’s y.. damn… wana understand bout the digit thingy now.. sienz…

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