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I’m back to Skudai again~

Yo~ i’m back again… phew today is so damn tiring! I took the bus at 9.30am, then the bus took the old route again instead of driving to Bidor to take the highway. Damn it! The bus went to all the small places.. Sabak Bernam, Sg Besar, Tanjung Karang… i duno how many places it stopped b4 anyway.. i was so blur keep on sleeping all the time.. but the only thing i know about why the bus stopped so many times is that they wana fill up the space in the bus.. not many ppl who took the bus from Teluk Intan.. that’s y… keep on taking up ppl from other places… n those ppl aren’t going to JB also! they wana stop at KL.. wtf.. n so.. after long journey of stopping here and there… i reached Puduraya at around 1.30pm.. lol… 4hours of journey instead of 2 hours only if we took on highway… Its so TIRED!!

waited a while in Pudu cos a lot of ppl trying to get on the bus eventhough there’s no place anymore.. i guess they are having more trouble in pudu than mine haha… cos a lot of ppl have tickets but no bus to take them to their destinations.. kesian.. and so..after long waiting.. finally the bus went into the highway… n i reached skudai around 6pm.. 8 and half hours of bus journey.. tired.. i’m not gona study tonite.. dun force me ya! lol.. i wana relax n rest or else i’ll sick tomorrow for sure~ already a bit flu now.. i’m really a taufu.. like my gf always said… til here then.. wana take a bath.. oh ya.. wana write something about a korean series..

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