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Just came back to skudai by bus. Took the 8.30pm bus from Teluk Intan and reached here around 3am. Tiring.. well let’s talk about my grandpa’s funeral then. I went back on Sunday night and reached Teluk Intan around 5am in the morning. On Monday morning, my father, uncles, aunties and I went to the hospital to bring my grandpa back home. His condition was deteriorating back then as he was admitted into the ICU since the 5th day of CNY. Doctor asked my father and uncles to make decision whether to let him go peacefully or continue the medications. They decided to let him go peacefully. And so we were at the hospital waiting for the documentations while I went in to see my grandpa. I called him but he never responsed. It was really sad to see him suffering with all the breathing tubes and the medications tubes on his hands. His hands were swollen that time. After my father signed all the documents, we waited for the ambulance to fetch my grandpa home. But there was no driver to drive the ambulance that time as they claimed that the drivers were busy on outstation cases. My 3rd uncle was frustrated that time and he went down to the staff’s office to find the driver and gave him some money to ask him drive the ambulance asap. Sarcastically, the driver immediately called the ICU to inform them that the ambulance is ready. I was still in the ICU beside my grandpa when the nurse informed me about they are ready to bring my grandpa to the ambulance. That’s why I felt strange because they told me the driver was unavailable 5 minutes ago until I found out about what my uncle did. These people, they won’t do things fast unless you give them money.

Back home, grandpa was placed on his bed in the hall. All of my relatives and I gathered around him. He was still breathing then and many of us cried. I was praying to God to let him go as fast as possible because I don’t want him to suffer anymore. My eyes were with tears looking at my grandpa. He took his last breathe and passed away at 12pm. In Chinese sayings, its better for one to pass away at home with his children and grandchildren around him. Everyone was relieved that my grandpa passed away peacefully with all of us around him at that moment. We did the whole funeral in Buddhist way. After my grandpa passed away, we all sit around the bed and started saying the prayers, “阿弥陀佛”. All of us say the prayers for 12hours straight without stopping until 12am and grandpa was put into the coffin. After that we took rounds to stay overnight to ‘guard’ him.

The next day, we all took rounds to say the prayers again. Relatives came over to pay condolences. At night, the buddhist society’s members came over to say the prayers. It took us around 3 hours to finish it. And then, we took rounds to stay overnight again.

Wednesday morning, the buddhist society members came early in the morning to say the prayers again as we will bury my grandpa after that. In Chinese way, all of us have to walk and send my grandpa to the bury site. Because the place was quite far away, we walked for a short journey and all of us took on a rented bus after that to the bury site. The place is up on the hills half way before Bidor. We had some praying ceremony there and then my grandpa was buried. Went home and helped cleaning the house. I only come back here today as I was quite tired and need to help my family to clean the house and settle everything.

Relatives who came over to pay condolences gave a large sum of “帛金”. Its the donations for the family for the funeral. My father said that we cannot use the money for ourselves so we donated it for the charity on my grandfather’s name. We donated a large sum of money to the chinese schools and some charity society. Rest in peace grandpa~

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  • daren

    My deepest Condolences to you my friend. Its take time. But remember this.. how lucky you are to know him. I never know my own grandparents.. I’m the 9th (youngest).. so, by the time I was consived, they already gone.. both side.. all I know about them is the story my mother told me. Rest in peace granpa.

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