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Finally, I’ve finished having all my final exams. Did the last one badly yesterday. All the formulas just fade from my brain.. damn.. Now I’ve finished my 4th year. One more year ahead then I’ll be graduated.. phew.. that’s really fast haha~ Many things happened during the last few days. Bad luck I suppose.
My car left signal light broken again.. damn it.. duno who did it or how. The cover just dropped off so I think there’s still ways to fix it. Use elephant gum to glue it I suppose lol..

Then my pc just suddenly shut down on me. The power supply burned and ended up I have to buy a new power supply. Bought a better power supply with 450W and 1 year warranty. Hope it can last long. I think its the thunder which burned it. The weather just simply too crazy lately. Thunderstorms in the evening, but hot like shit in the afternoon.

Some better news, I’m having my training at EDS coming this 8th of May. Gonna have my training for 10 weeks. Short huh? Hopefully can learn something and did well in this training. My eldest sister gonna deliver anytime in this week. Tomorrow evening I’ll be driving back to KL to my sister house to be around for my sister in case anything happens. My brother in law have to go outstation for work so I’ll have to be there lo.. haha.. Gonna be uncle very soon. Cute cute baby coming in the family.. The baby is my niece….

Crows standing in the middle of the road. A view you can’t see it always.. lol

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