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I’m in my hometown~

Its been a few days since i come back teluk intan.. i think i’ll write some recap on what’s going on since the last few days.. came back on weds.. reached around 5pm.. luckily its quite fast.. although the bus took the old route after klang.. n so.. ntg much.. went for yumcha with keat at nite.. chat a lil.. hmm.. thurs.. oh ya… i asked my gf to eat breakfast at 10am.. but i woke up at 11.30am instead… n then.. rush to her house n took her mom’s car out.. to accessories shop to install a cd player… so go around a few shops to ask the price… Pioneer 3750.. only selling at RM520 including installation… cheap? ya i think so.. this player can play mp3 cd as well.. which is more than RM600 i saw last time in jb.. i was going to buy that 1.. but gf’s mom out of budget i think.. so bought Pioneer 2750 instead.. RM400 including installation lo… after that went back to her house to help her with the streamyx installation thingy.. cos the installer came ma… then went for ramadhan pasar malam.. heheh

yesterday was really tiring… woke up at 8.30am.. (early huh!).. to fetch my mom to ipoh la.. went to the government building in ipoh.. cos my mom’s school account under audit i think.. so went there… listen to the audit thingy.. no problem la actually.. just some billing problem.. reached around 11am.. then left the place around 12.. then went to a book store at fair park there… waited around half n hour for my mom to choose books for the students… around 12.30pm.. we started our journey back to langkap lo… stopped by at the road side to buy some fruits.. er.. i duno wat to call that in english.. cantonese ppl call it as “lok yao”… its like a whole row of stalls selling it… n u’ll be amaze by those gals selling.. its like those gals selling pinang in taiwan… all wearing very sexy 1 wor.. lol… trying to get some business… n so… driving driving again.. reached langkap around 2.30pm… n then went to my mom’s school… at kampung pelawan.. such a small school actually.. the whole school only got 100 students… primary school la.. in a small kampung.. u c those kids.. so happy playing around… lol.. reminds me of my childhood… n the kampung is so quiet.. so relaxing.. lol…

after waited a while for my mom to settle her things down… we went out to langkap to eat our lunch lo… Langkap is only 5 mins away from the kampung… so after that went back to teluk intan… went to telekom and also another primary school.. then only went back home… wah.. so tired.. i’m like a driver whole time.. lol.. then went out with gf again to the pasar malam… n then yumcha with friends at nite.. wah.. what a long day..

k la.. i’m very cold d.. fingers like freezing already.. cos i’m in a cybercafe now… finished surfing my studiotraffic… oh ya.. tonite is halloweens right? happy halloweens!! my friend just told me he wana go Rush for the party… gatal of gals i think… lol.. no celebration here at all.. common. just a small town ma… i’ll be back to skudai by tues nite i guess… mayb will update once a while here… cos no internet connection at home… adiyos!

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