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Ipoh again~

This morning I went to the Government Dental Clinic with my mom to check out my wisdom tooth. The dentist told me that both of the teeth had to pull out so I made the appointment next week for the surgery. Sigh.. so many dental problem after my dad’s ones… haha.. After having breakfast my mom and I went to Ipoh Hospital to see my dad’s condition. We reached around 12.30pm but my dad haven’t came back from the surgery yet. So we waited at the hall of the ward there. Around 1pm my dad was pushed back on the bed by the nurses. He was so tired and blur due to the medicine I guess. We guys just sitting at the side of the bed talking to him and asked about how the surgery goes. Around 2pm my mom and I went out for lunch since the doctor didn’t come over after so long. My dad went back to sleep at that time.

Came back to the hospital around 3pm. The dentist in Teluk Intan called my mom and told her about my tooth problem. Why she called my mom? Because her father is a headmaster in a primary school somewhere in Teluk Intan and my mom knows him well haha.. ok back to the topic. The root of my left wisdom tooth is curved and its very near to the nerves, so the dentist said its better if I do the surgery in Ipoh Hospital because the dentists there are specialists. Sigh.. again??!! in Ipoh??!! Never mind then. Tomorrow I’ll go have a check in Ipoh and see what those dentists say about it then. We went back to my dad’s room and the doc came after that. They took out 2 remaining roots from the gum~! I think my dad got a bit relieved that he made the choice to had the surgery because the doctors cannot confirm whether there are roots remained in the gum or not before this.

Tomorrow I need to go Ipoh again. My dad will be discharged from the hospital finally tomorrow and I need to check up on my tooth. This is really a long dental holiday for me… lol..

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  • BusyBuzz'g

    Hey, I also have my wisdom tooth coming now, can sensed it growing. Already made an appointment with dentist in january. Not sure if I have to pull it out, the dentish is fully booked till Jan. Hope everything ok for your surgery also.

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