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Japan GT Malaysia~

My friends and I went to Sepang Track for the Japan GT Malaysia last Saturday and Sunday. Don’t want to waste lots of money for the event, we only bought the RM30 tickets which we can only watch the race at a hill far away from the grand stand… zzz

These are the cars parked at the main entrance of the track. Nissan Skyline GTR.. Didn’t even see it racing in the race~

Took a photo at the main entrance..

This is the place where we watch the race.

The grandstand.. quite far from us

Actually, there are a few other race other than the GT race. Integra race, Formula V6 (the photo above), and a lot more. We missed most of it but the main event is the Japan GT race isn’t it?

Post post again..

Here goes the race! 32 racing machines racing in the track~ There are 2 categories which are GT300 and GT500. The sound came out of the cars are really owesome! My ears really can’t stand it when all the cars passed by all together. Enough talking… just look at the photos now.

Sadly, I can’t take a thing using my phone camera. All photos are taken from my friends camera. Not really nice though. He really need to polish more on his camera shooting skills.. hehe..

More photos here..

After the race, we guys went to SODA in Sri Hartamas on Sunday night. Yuan got the invitation to the club for some launching event. Tengku Djan (the one who won the D1 drifting race) launching their own engine lubricant there.. zzz.. boring. But what the hell, its a chance to see how those rich fellas spend their time and money on.. cars.. pubs… The great thing is there is free-flow of beers!! Woo hoo!~ All 4 of us got drunk that night.. stupid.. lol

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