Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Perodua Kelisa

Jeremy really humiliates Perodua this time. I wonder when our national car will improve their quality. He seems really frustrated with the cars which made without good quality but to make money. But on the other hand, any car that being done til the stage like that will surely destroyed after all.. 🙂

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  • kof MMG

    from the show, it clearly revealed that kelisa is a really tough car, even 4 dynamites can’t pieces like ferrari does 😀

    with the 1 ton hanging on car pulled by crank, well, kelisa is only weighted 0.75 ton and still managed to handle it well with just bonnet and minor bars fallen out. well done, kelisa 🙂

    personally, i really like to hear what perodua CEO comments about this? breakthrough revolution? they must loved BALD jeremy clarkson 😀

    U never know, BALD J.C gonna loves perodua kancil 660BX even more 🙂

  • Raikkonen

    I love what J.C did. For Protons and Peroduas, stop thinking about money and get on with passion and love! Seriously, I hate Protons and Peroduas very much because the car deteriorates faster than a slice of bread that’s left on the table. It is because our way of thinking and everything, we are not advance at all. Sarawak is rich with natural resources, but where the hell did all the money go? By now we should be as advanced as Brunei or Singapore for crying out loud. There’s a HUGE different between West and East. So, go J.C, burn down the Proton company for all I care.

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