KL Motorshow~

I went to the KL Motorshow held at PWTC last Monday. I’m lucky that I just need to pay RM5 instead of RM15 because I had my student card with me. Took the lrt to PWTC right after work.. damn tired man! In my opinion, its just a waste of time as the cars are just those you can always see on the road. Not many cars that is really rare or new. But then to see so many cars for only RM5 I think its quite worth it after all.. haha..

Ferrari F430
This is the car I love the most. Ferrari F430~ Mind that this car is modified with bodykit and rims. That’s why it look so damn nice~!

Isn’t that lovely? lol..

Mercedes SLR
The Mercedes SLR.. Stunning!

Concept car
Toyota’s Concept car… with a cute showgal~ w00t!!

Toyota F1 car..

There’s a lot more photos in the gallery. Quite boring because all the showgals went back when we got there.. I reached home around 11pm.. damn tiring..

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