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So today is the last day for class for my 1st semester of 2005… ntg much actually.. just went to class to collect my lousy test paper.. damn… the result so teruk.. hav to study a lot more for finals.. hope that lec only count the final marks then… yesterday’s exam was quite easy actually.. the lec was teaching those who ask him questions about the test questions… n i was listening to what the lec say all the time as those who were asking were sitting just around me.. n for those who were sitting behind, copy n discuss all the way.. LoL.. should’ve sit behind but then who will let me copy then? 🙂 but its really easy cos its exactly the same as the assignment we did.

Last day huh… what to do then? I got 3 weeks of study weeks coming up, which is consider as holiday la.. then only start my final.. my gf is still sleeping now.. hmm.. might play NBA that i downloaded.. but its the chinese version!! damn.. the menus are all in chinese… my head oso pening reading those chinese words… so confusing when u read chinese n try to translate it to english.. lol.. k la.. wana test out the game now..

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