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Late night studying~

Its 4am already. Just talked to the phone with my gf. Nothing to do and wana sleep already so I thought of just posting something here. That’s my study table.. so messy with all the books and all.. Preparing for the Numberial Methods test tomorrow evening. Test at 5pm until 6.15pm I think. My housemates still playing DOTA whole night long while I’m studying alone here.. So tempting.. haha..


These two fella were just sitting on the side of the table watching me studying the whole nite.. lol.. My gf bought them from Switzerland last time and now i’m the one who is gona “take care” of them. They got name as well! One is Cookie and another is Monster… Another one which is much smaller is in my car named Little.. lol.. My gf named them all.. Ok la.. time to sleep already. Nites!

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