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My Custom Header~

I was browsing through some WordPress themes with wonderful headers. That gave me an idea, why don’t I just make a custom header myself? And so, I started Google-ing on this topic and stomp into Paul’s blog on how to make a blog header graphic. The tutorial was great and I was managed to make my custom header although I’m actually using Macromedia Fireworks to make it. This is what I made…


Not bad for a rookie in graphic designing huh? Click on the photo above for a bigger view. Actually I was just cropping some the image from some wallpaper, then make the whole header step by step according to Paul’s tutorial. I don’t know why I just like the photos of the clouds in the sky. Just give me a very calm feeling.

Currently I’m still thinking of whether to apply it on my blog or not. Where should I put those header banner if I’m going to use this header then? If you think the header is nice, why don’t give me some opinion then? 😛

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