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This morning was the subject registeration session for my course… n guess wat.. i overslept.. woke up at 9.30am.. was so blur n rush to campus to get everything done.. my gf told me that she called to wake me up but how come i don’t recall anything about it?? strange.. n so.. reached campus n ran around to check my subject sections.. n then went into the pc lab n register online.. luckily the place were still available.. or else i’ll be alone in another section with other courses… nightmare… lol..

Billy came to find me this afternoon.. really strange.. how come this 2 fellas suddenly showed up since yesterday.. He message me around 1.30pm saying that he wana come over to have a drink.. so i waited… n waited.. n slept.. :P.. n he reached here around 2.45pm.. now that really took him long enough.. then i just realized that he came all the way from Tanjung Putri.. somewhere near Pasir Gudang.. much further.. so went out to have drink with him.. chit chating.. sitting in his newly bought 2nd car.. a Proton Wira.. after that.. we went to BC’s house.. ntg to do we played PS2 there.. lol.. spent the whole afternoon with him there.. doing ntg n playing PS2.. Grand Turismo 4.. was laughing all the time while playing cos both of us really sucks.. we only played with old school cars.. that’s y so funny…

I tried to edit my templates error just now.. checking errors with this site so that my site is compatible with XHTML settings… something like tat.. i’m dun really know what i’m doing actually but managed to fix lots of coding errors n now left 3 errors out of 40+ errors.. which is something i really can’t understand cos its the K2 theme coding problem.. this theme really got a lot of function which i duno how to activate or use it..

so how’s the new header? i’ve edit it from a wallpaper but duno how to reduce the size of the image file.. quite big around 100kB.. duno how am i gona access my site if i’m using dial up.. lol.. n then i found some errors when loading this site in IE.. again!! finally found out that its google search which is making the problem.. the sidebar went all the way down after the footer.. n so.. i’ve deleted the google searchbar.. since no 1 use it so far.. hmm.. what to do now?? sleep or study digit system?

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