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NBA Live 2006


Feel the emotion and intensity of the most complete basketball experience with NBA LIVE 06. With a totally enhanced transition game, take the point and deliver fast break passes on the fly as teammates run the lanes awaiting your pass. On defense, get inside and feel what it’s like to block a dunk—or to be dunked on—as big bodies collide under the basket. Will you live in the paint or set up camp outside the arc? The choice is yours. The sport of basketball is elevated to a whole new level with NBA LIVE 06.

Why didn’t i see this coming? Its NBA Live 2006 man! I’ve been waiting for this game since NBA live 2005… this time the main feature is on Dwyane Wade from Miami Heat.. he played really well last season.. not like the last game which features only on Carmelo Anthony ( which only played so so last season), the game now even focus on a few more players. Allen Iverson – the scorer, Lebron James – the highflyer, Ben Wallace – the Power center, Steve Nash – the Playmaker, Ray Allen – 3 point shooter and also Kevin Garnett – the Stopper. Seems interesting huh…

i gotta get this game asap man.. hands itchy already… wonder where can i download it through bittorent… lol… but then with my Geforce4 MX 440 graphic card.. dun think i can c the nice graphics engine also.. mayb i’ll soft mod it n c how it works then…

here are some screenshots…

Dwyane Wade on the move!

Tony Parker from last season’s champion team.. Spurs.. c how he pass the ball?? new trick i think.. never see this b4..

hello Shaq..dealing with Tracy Mcgrady huh..

BBBBBBBB Ben Wallace~ this guy really powerful man.. really like to play Piston on NBA Live 2005 because the team has powerful blockers n shooters.. with Rashid Wallace and Ben Wallace guarding at the center.. no 1 can score easily.. don’t forget Tayshawn Prince who can also block from out of nowhere.. lol… Too bad they lost in the last game last season..

Kobe shooting..

Wade on the move again..

ok that’s all here.. i wana find the source to download this game now..

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