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Oh no!! my ankle..

Great!! sprained my ankle this evening.. during basketball game with some frens… jump up to get for rebounds.. n then my right feet landed on my housemates feet…. u know wat happened next.. my ankle twisted… i was sitting on the floor grabbing my ankle with my hands…. painful man!.. yaya i should b careful while playing basketball.. since i’ve twisted my right ankle few times already since secondary sch.. guess wat.. i twisted my ankle few months ago when i was working in redbox the curve… trying to get tissue packs on top of the shelf n my feet landed on colleagues feet as well.. i think i’ve already hav phobia of spraining my ankle.. sigh.. the ankle now is already swollen.. duno how am i suppose to finish the marathon at pasir gudang this sunday.. 10km.. huh??

this morning.. went back to queue for the company booking thingy.. went there late as i was thinking that there would be lesser ppl waiting… but then.. stil a lot.. waited for 2 hours… finally i’m in the lec’s room.. with whole crowd of ppl in it.. i was so damn pissed off tat time.. those ppl.. duno how to line up is it? university students konon… damn it… in the end… i just think of a few companies n key in to the laptop.. without noticing the lec about the quota for it.. dun care la.. since someone passed me the letter head… i just do watever the procedures needed… if wana ask the lec somemore.. i duno wat kind of companies i would get later… useless quota also.. so now… thinking of which company to apply with my letter heads… should be the 5 companies i listed in the laptop la… preparing for my resume asap… wish me luck… arghh… my ankle…

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