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PC Fair~

My housemates and I went to the PC Fair in City Square last Saturday. The place is damn crowded man~ The PC fair is inside a shopping mall, which is much smaller than the PIKOM pc fair in PWTC. This is a photo taken from top of the mall..

pc fair

Well, I was going over all the booths to find for my harddisk. Finally I found a booth with the cheapest price of all for the 160GB 8MB buffer harddisk. Unfortunately, their stocks finished~ haiz.. then I’m struggling whether to buy the western digital 160GB hdd or Seagate 200GB hdd. In the end, I bought the 200GB Seagate hdd. A 5 years warranty might save some money for the hdd i think.. I’m gonna be real broke after this.. I mean REAL broke..

My housemates bought movie tickets for Ice Age 2 before that. We had to wait for around 1 hour for the movie to start. All of us were exhausted back then. So what do we do then?

Sitting on the floor waiting for the movie to start.. zzz.. Can’t stop laughing with the stupid posts..

Mr. Yip.. headache ka?

Last one..

And… the movie started. Everyone in the cinema laughed from the start of the movie til the end. Quite a funny cartoon and entertaining. There’s some malay auntie laughed until cannot control themselves.. I mean.. is it really so damn funny? haha.. Went back home after that and start my formating harddisk project. Such a big spaced hdd really needs a lot of time to format it all and install my windows in it. I’m using it as my primary harddisk.

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