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PIC hands-on workshop~

I’ve been to a microcontroller workshop for the past 2 days. Starting from 9am til 5pm yesterday and today. Basically its degree++ short course held by the University for the students to study some extra subjects in order to help us to get jobs when we graduated as we have more skills in more fields.. haha.. So this is what I did in the 2 days short course.

pcb board
This is the basic PCB board design with the PIC microcontroller. We have to design the patterns for the LED lights to blink on.

Another view on top. This is just the basic of understanding the programming and also designing the circuit thingy.

This is more complicated. My partner and I done this today. The board is now connected to a Stepper Motor where we have to program it to run the motor. I’m quite fast at setting up the circuit while my partner programmed it. So ended up we were the first team to finish this task.. lol..

Its me and the cute robot beside me. This is a dancing robot where it’ll dance following the rhythem of the songs. I uploaded a video to youtube which I took with my phone. The video quality really… errr.. sucks I think. My phone can’t really take videos nicely after all.

Here’s the link! That’s our instructor who constructed us in the course for this 2 days course. He’s quite expert in microcontroller as he lead the UTM team to win the ROBOCON competitions for 3 years in a row.. haha..ok. I need to go back to my hometown tonight. My grandpa can’t make it already so have to go back asap. Bye all~

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