Point Blanc – Ipohmali~

point blanc Point Blanc returns to the Malaysian music scene with the exclusive internet debut of his first two singles, “Ipohmali” featuring Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor and DJ Fuzz and “KL Lheng Chai” featuring Vick, Stephen Lau and Goldfish, taken from his upcoming solo album “Straight to the Point”.

I never blog anything about music but this would be first. The song “Ipohmali” featured Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor which I think its really a nice song. While on the rapper – Point Blanc, he just reminds me of Eason Chan. The other single “KL Lheng Chai” really reminds me of him.

Point Blanc is a multi-lingual emcee who made his mark in the Malaysian music industry as a member of Poetic Ammo. Poetic Ammo are winners of numerous AIM awards, including the highly coveted Best English Album and Best New English Artiste for their 1999 album “It’s a Nice Day to be Alive”. “Straight to the Point” is Point’s debut solo effort and is a dual language album (Chinese/English).

But still, both were nice songs. Head over to voyeur records to listen the songs. Support local artists!

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