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Tomorrow I have to present a presentation to my supervisor and the team on what I done in the research on RFID. OMG.. Hopefully I can do it well. I’ve been searching for things on RFID since last Monday and the topics on it are so damn wide. I’ve just finished the presentation slides, hopefully can satisfied them. haha…

Its kind of boring during at work. My work is just surf net and then surf net and then surf again. Hopefully after tomorrow’s presentation I can start doing analysis on the hardware, then I’m not so bored anymore. Today I even brought my phone’s headset into the office to listen to mp3s in the phone.. lol.. The whole afternoon I listened almost 4-5 music albums..

There’s 2 new guys joined the group yesterday. Both of them are fresh grads and they actually are in the same situation like me… bored because got nothing to do. But now at least there’s someone to accompany me for lunch. Since they’re permanent employees, they are assigned to work on programmings for the systems. Much better than me doing my research I think.. Nevermind, I think I got my title for my final year project already.. which is in RFID.. haha.. Time to go and hope I can do well for tomorrow’s presentation. Adiyos!~

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  • J

    For you presentation you should change the Frequency Bands section. What you are considering High is actually Ultra High.

    I understand that you are breaking the frequencies into 3 catagories; low, meduim, and high and therefore your presentation is technically correct. But for a presentation on RFID you should adhere to the industry teminology as not to confuse the audience.

    It could be confusing for the audience who may assume that 2.4-5.8 Ghz is microwave and you are calling it high.

    Here is a great chart:


  • menghua

    thanks for the correction. Actually there’s quite a lot of version on this frequency. On the chart u given, for 1GHz above is microwave. But what i found, for 5.8Ghz is Super high frequency.. really confusing… but i’ll follow your recommendations.. thanks!

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