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Reckless Driving~!

Came back all the way from Teluk Intan to Skudai today. Well the journey was really boring because I was driving all alone. Stopped by at Kota Damansara to have lunch with Loon and Jie and chit chatting all sort of stuffs since we haven’t talk quite some time. After that I’m on my journey back to Skudai again. Just a few kilometres before the final toll of the highway, something happened which really pissed me off~

I was driving on the fast lane overtaking some cars when I saw some police motorbikes closing in high speed. The police was making some sort of hand language to keep the cars to the left lane so I switched to the left lane as instructed. The police were escorting some sort of VIPs I think. Then came another police on the bike showing some stupid hand language asking me to keep to the left lane or stop or whatsoever. I was still trying to figure out what the hell he was trying to show me then came a police car from behind with real high speed. I was driving around 110kph and the police car just came so fast like I was idling. The police car came near my car and almost ram me from the side purposely! Damn it.. It was so dangerous as the police car was just a few inches beside me and trying to force me to the emergency lane.

I was freaking pissed off that time. Why on earth the police want to do something like that? Everything happened so fast that the police car was like lost control and almost hit me from the side. Oh ya, they were escorting some VIPs.. Damn VIPs.. There were around 20 cars like Proton Perdana and Wira, others were the police cars and bikes, all driving at highspeed which was around 160kph! Damn them! They are actually endangering us.. the CITIZENS!.. lol.. I know those VIPs were really in a rush but do they need to drive all over the place on the highway? Forcing us to stop at the emergency lane to watch them pass by without any proper warning? I was really lucky. Or else I’m in the drain beside the highway now instead of typing this. I seriously doubt the police will do anything if that car really hit me just now..

Who said Malaysian drivers are driving recklessly? The police are even worse than us!

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  • sooth

    You could if you drive in the middle of the night say around 2.30am. Well, it was possible last time, anyway. Not sure if they’ve improved their speed cameras. 😉

    PS. If any officials are reading this, it’s not that I’ve tried it or anything like that. Honest. I just heard from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a friend. 😉

  • ^||DaReDeviL||^

    oh ya… got a friend who tested the speed cameras before… the camera canot capture anything during night time.. that’s why so many ppl speeding all the way at night.. but we don’t get escorted by police right? 😛 .. those VIPs are speeding LEGALLY btw..

  • Dude919

    Was driving home from cyberjaya on 22/Feb. Out of a sudden, a reckless driver (chinese guy) driving a rundown light green proton wira aeroback (MG2121), zig-zagging between lanes. when i honked at him for being such a nuisance, he slammed on his brakes which nearly causes an accident. he starts to show his middle finger when i drive pass him. wat a day!!

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