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PPPThis might be an old news but PayPerPost had added a new feature, which is the Review My Post program. The Program pays you every time someone signs up PayPerPost and reviews a post on your blog.

All you need to do is to put a badge under each of your posts. When someone clicks on this badge and signs up with PayPerPost, a special opportunity is created just for them. The $7.50 opportunity asks them to write a post in their blog reviewing a post on YOUR blog. As soon as the new Postie gets paid for reviewing your blog you get paid $7.50! Isn’t that great?

You may think that this is just a way PayPerPost trying to promote their programs. But actually, this is a great opportunity for you to earn money and grow your sphere of influence. Imagine that you can generate thousands of links back to your site and earn money for each link. By doing this, you don’t only earn money but also increase blog traffic from other sites.

Back to the topic, is this really useful? Yes it could be a very good opportunity for new bloggers to start writing reviews for PPP and good quality posts might be reviewed by more and more people. But on the negative side, imagine everyone reviewing some nonsense posts just to earn that $7.50. You can expect lots of junk posts on the net soon haha! :p Of course, I think PPP will review those posts before actually paying those bloggers. Good one PayPerPost~!

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