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Snooker nite~

haha.. was so bored tonite.. so a few of us went to play snooker instead.. 5 of us actually.. so 3 on 1 table.. and another 2 on another table.. quite fun cos its been a long time since the last time we go out to play snooker. and after a few games… we decided to play lucky instead.. its a game where u get the cards and only shoot the balls with the numbers u have on ur poker cards… and so.. spent us quite a long time there cos there are 5 of us.. and the game went on so slow until all of us oso got bored.. i can’t even pocket any balls in the end.. no mood to play already.. haha.. din win at all.. If we really play with real money, i think the game will be far more exciting.. cos lucky usually played like gambling.. u pocket the lucky ball or win the game, everyone pays u.. depends on how much u decide how much u need to pay for a game… but can really lose a lot in this game.. last time i played b4 with my friend in teluk intan.. lose almost RM30… but in the end managed to win back a little.. lucky me.. my friend even lost more than Rm100 in just a few games with others.. so better train ur snooker skill b4 playing this kind of thing.. or else sure lose like shit.. which i usually won’t play money with others.. lol .. 😀

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