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Somebody save me!

Anyone know what is this? its my pet.. a newt.. or salamander whatever u wana call it la.. very similar to house lizard but its smaller than it.. and this fella swims! LoL.. this photo was taken long time ago.. i think a few months back.. now its so thin already.. cos it refuse to eat.. i oso duno y.. mayb something wrong with the food i feed it.. i’ve tried the whole skudai to find the same food for it but then still can’t find it.. cos last time bought this fella n his food in 1Utama.. haha now u know how hard it is right..

I really duno what to feed him la.. lately he become so thin already.. tomorrow i’ll got find some real blood worm for him to eat.. since i had feed him with dried blood worm for quite a long time already… hope he eats la.. or else sure die… by that time my gf sure gona kill me :P… it was hers long long time ago.. b4 she went swiss..

nah another photo..
cute or not?? i think a lot of ppl gona say i’m a freak very soon.. LOL… everyone pray for this fella.. his name is tink.. oi! eat ler..!

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