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Starting to get bored~

Most of my housemates are from the mechanical faculty where they will start their practical training starting coming Monday. So all of them going back their hometown today to prepare for it. Now my house only left me, Phin Shin (science faculty) and wei yik which got his practical training in Pontian. My housemate next door, Han Wei haven’t go back yet today so we went to SDS, a bakery shop for our dinner.

A tank card on the table..

He recommended to eat over there as its his last day over here for another 6months. He ordered a Yang Chou Fried Rice while I ordered a Thai Sour Fish Rice.. When his fried rice served, both of us just can’t stop laughing. The rice was so little that he could finish it in 5 spoonfuls.. lol.. That plate costed him RM5.90 which is quite expensive if compare to the stalls in Tmn U here.. haha.. my food is still acceptable as its enough for me to stay full until midnight.

In the end, he can’t stop the hunger and he ordered another plate of Mushroom Cheese Bread. At the cost of only RM3.50 this plate is MUCH more than that fried rice! lol..

I’ll be really bored starting from tomorrow with everyone leaving the house already. Just hope I won’t be alone having my lunch and dinner la.. haiz.. Should back to my studies now.. having the VLSI exam tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. Don’t ask me why there’s exam even on Sunday because I myself can’t really answer it.. haha..

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