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Webhosting problems..

My site is loading really slow lately.. it might be caused by the server of my free webhosting.. puffinhost… now i know ntg such as a free lunch in this world.. i just received a mail from them asking us to donate some money as they are short of money in continuing the service.. and i also found out that they cancelled the hosting service for the site of a forumer in i’m worried i would be the next victim of it.. so better if i get myself a local paid hosting now.. before anything happens right?

So.. i found a really cheaplocal webhosting.. it only costs RM80 for 1GB of webspace and also 20GB of bandwidth each month. Its using linux hosting with cpanel.. like my current host.. so i think i won’t be facing any problem in using it.. what really bothering me now is that can i transfer my database from my current webhosting to this new 1.. if canot then i really die lo.. everything in my blog just gone.. waiting for replies from puffinhost.. hope everything goes well.. so about this webhosting.. is it cheap and reliable? i really need advise on this.. anyone can help me? blur… and its almost 5am already lo!! should continue thinking bout it tmr… haiz..

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