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What a day~!

This is gona b long i guess.. i did something really stupid today, which is duno that microwave n antenna propagation test is held today.. not tomorrow.. lol.. i keep thinking that its on tomorrow.. until this morning when the lec told us that the test is at 5.30pm.. i was like WTF?!! i’m totally doomed.. rushed home to finish up every topic that i haven’t cover yet.. 5 hours non stop sitting in front of my desk studying about it.. but still last minute job is always useless i can say.. can’t do the last question also.. this will be a great lesson to me… lol…

Now there’s something great about this subject’s lecturer.. he treat us for a buffet dinner after the exam.. wow.. 1st time a lecturer.. ehem.. 2 actually.. there’s 2 lecturer teaching this subject.. so both of them treat all the students for dinner.. buka puasa together since the muslims are fasting this month.. lots of food.. quite tasty… only that the chicken was way too spicy.. n now.. my tummy pain pain.. duno y.. cannot digest the food i guess.. arr…

just now went out to fetch my old friend who is workin in JB area… he went KL n came back by bus.. n so i went to fetch him at the bus stop lo.. actually thought of having a drink with him but then his gf follow him back here also.. now that’s a catch i might say.. lol.. he bought a car lately.. satria 1.6 auto.. costs around RM24k.. seems like he’s doing quite well with his job already.. glad to c that.. how come my friends also working already but i’m still here? 🙂 but then its better to stay in school rather than working out there.. have to treasure all the time i have while studying here.. cos there’ll be no chance to be back a student next time

SIEMENS just sent me a mail.. my application for internship was rejected.. haiz.. at least i got some response.. well i’ll just send more application letters out then.. oh.. my tummy.. i need some medicine here..

wana add something more here.. damn it.. my car got hit! duno who, when, how.. who the hell hit my car??? aRRR!! 🙁 i just felt so angry now.. have to waste my money to repair it somemore.. dun let me know who hit my car!

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