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What Do Animals Eat?~

After my housemate fetch me from campus, we passed by the deer park in the University. It was raining and the deers have no place to shed. I was feeling pity of the deers as there were no more grass for them to feed on. The land in the park was almost pure soil. Then out of nowhere, we had an interesting conversation on them.

Me : Pity those deers.. no more grass to feed on. By the way, do deers eat grass?

H : Of course! What will they eat if not grass?

Me : Leaves maybe? bushes?

H : Even giraffe eat grass also what.. Deers eat grass as well..

Me : Giraffe eat grass? I thought they eat leaves on trees? What’s the use of their long neck if they are to eat grass? Are you serious??? Tell me, what elephants eat then?

H : Hmm.. Elephants.. They eat sugarcane..

Me : What the… ??!! How the hell can elephants find sugarcane in wild safari in places like Africa? SUGARCANE??? Elephants eat sugarcane??

H : They eat sugarcane… if not what they eat then?

Me : Hmm.. I don’t know what they eat also… leaves? Are you talking about bamboo? I’m 100% sure they don’t eat sugarcane… ok?

And so we argued about it the whole journey back home, and then another housemate came argue with us about what elephant eat. We are pretty sure that there’s no way elephants eat sugarcanes. Leaves maybe… but somehow we still can’t find the correct answer about it. LoL..

Sometimes when we get older, we tend to forget about such small things around us. Things even a 5 year old child will know the answer but we as adults tend to forget about it. We don’t even know what kind of food do the animals eat and we called ourselves as University undergraduates! Funny..

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  • Lee Lian

    Poor giraffes if they have to eat grass. imagine how suffering it wud be for them. everyday suffer neck pain. 😐 Haha. Yea, what do elephants eat btw? fruits? no wait! PEANUTS! cartoons always show that elephants love peanuts! HAHA! :p just kidding.

  • shin

    elephants eat sugarcanes… really.. but they eat fruits too.. like banana but i’m not sure about peanuts…(i thought monkey eats peanuts???) btw as i know they dont eat bamboo.. panda eats bamboo…

  • ..::::~||DaReDeviL||~::::..

    what i found from wikipedia…

    Elephants are herbivores, spending 16 hours a day collecting plant food. Their diet is at least 50% grasses, supplemented with leaves, bamboo, twigs, bark, roots, and small amounts of fruits, seeds and flowers. Because elephants only digest 40% of what they eat, they have to make up for their digestive system’s lack of efficiency in volume. An adult elephant can consume 300–600 lb (140–270 kg) of food a day. 60% of that food leaves the elephant’s body undigested.

  • Darren

    Thank you Daredevil.. by the way, you had already link to me once… I used to be the “Kampung boy’s life in the City”..

    fyi, this wikepedia are very usefull! I’ve been using it since you mentioned it for my work and research tool. Cheers mate!

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