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What is MSN [I’m] logo?~


Have you been seeing a lot of this I’m icon in your MSN Messenger contacts lately? Do you know what do these icons really mean? There is a big story behind this icon as Microsoft will donate to those International Charity Organizations whenever you use the icon to chat with your friends.

i’m is a new initiative from Windows Liveâ„¢ Messenger. Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program’s advertising revenue with some of the world’s most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. We’ve set no cap on the amount we’ll donate to each organization. The sky’s the limit.

So any time you have an i’mâ„¢ conversation using Windows Live Messenger, you help address the issues you feel most passionate about, including poverty, child protection, disease, and environmental degradation. It’s simple. All you have to do is join and start an instant messaging conversation. We’ll handle the donation.

While there is no set cap on the amount each cause can receive, Microsoft will make a minimum $100,000 guaranteed donation to each of the nine organizations during the first year of the program. The more i’m™ conversations that happen, the more donations that happen. Whenever you are chatting using MSN Messenger, you are actually helping those in needs!

How to add i’m™ ?


Just follow the text codes above. Mind you that this only work in MSN Messenger 8.1 so get the latest version if you can’t see it. Just put the icon as your display name and it will show in every line of your chats. So what are you waiting for? Start using the icon now!

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