WordPress 2.0~

After an hour of trial and error, I managed to install the latest version of WordPress. Its version 2.0. Just installed it so I thought why not I write something about it. At first sight, there’s not much changes except these fancy looks of the wp-admin site. Last time its all in white.


But now I really found its quite user friendly already. Posting pictures in post is same as bloggers which is just drag and drop. Last time we need to use all those HTML codes to post it. And now it can automatically show a thumbnail of the picture shown without resizing it manually.
I think I really need to spend some time here to explore the changes in this version. I need to update my K2 beta template because there’s some error in the one I’m using now. For those who wish to upgrade their version of WordPress can follow the instruction here. For the changes, this site explain all of it. Good luck in upgrading~

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