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WordPress Plugin: MyAvatar~

If you are a MyBlogLog user that have been commenting in this blog recently, you will notice that your MyBlogLog avatar will appear just beside your comments. How do I do it? Just use this WordPress plugin, MyAvatar.

This plugin will show users’ MyBlogLog avatar beside their comments in your blog. In my opinion, it is much better than Gravatar, another plugin that requires user to upload their own avatar to your server in order to show their avatar beside their comments. Who will want to upload their avatar to every blog they comment to? 🙂

Wondering how to install this plugin? Just add this code,

<?php if(function_exists("MyAvatars")) MyAvatars(); ?>

in your comments loop in your comments.php file of the theme you are using. For more instruction, visit the author’s site.

You will need to edit the stylesheet if you want the avatar to show at the places you desired. I tried making the avatars to show up just before the name of the commenters but still got a little bit of error. Anyone can help out here? 🙂

Download MyAvatar plugin here

Credits to: JohnTP

An engineer which have a lot of interests in gadgets and technology stuffs. The blog varies from life events to gadgets reviews and hacks.


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