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Advantage of Providing Full Feeds~

feedFinally, I found another good point of providing full feeds – backing up your posts! Just a few days ago, my site was down for more than 12 hours. The main reason is the hosting server’s hard disk crashed. It was very strange because it’s a new server less than 1 month old~ So after my webhosting replaced the hard disk and put my site back online, I found that 1 of my post is gone. Why? It wasn’t backed up before the hard disk crashed.

Normally I would be really lazy to rewrite the post. But then I thought of something –> I can copy back my post from my feeds! And there goes, I fired up my Google Reader and view all items of (I subscribed to my own feeds, just to make sure there are working~) and luckily my previous post was still there!

The only thing that left out is the image files because they were not back up as well. So I copy and paste, uploaded the image files to my server (luckily I haven’t deleted them yet~) and boom! That post was published again in just a few minutes!~ Thank god I provided full feeds huh? Seriously, I think this trick is only available provided that you burn your feeds in Feedburner. I guess Feedburner saves the feeds once they are burned right?

So this is another good advantage of providing full feeds to your reader. Who said full feeds are not useful huh? :mrgreen:

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