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    Day 6 Begins – 24 Season 6~

    He was captured by the China Government in the last season. He was badly beaten up and tortured by the Chinese just to get some information out of him. Then, Day 6 begun… Yes, my favorite TV series, 24 season…

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    Flushed Away~

    Few days ago, Shin and I went to watch this cartoon, Flushed Away. The story is about a pet mouse named Roddy St. James who lived in a rich family, being flushed out from his home by another filthy sewer…

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    Canon Rock~

    Have you ever heard the classical music Canon? Well this is a remix from a guy named Jerry C with his electric guitar. Oh man he rawks! How I wish I can play a guitar like that~ He composed the…

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    The Fast & The Furious : Tokyo Drift~

    The hottest car racing movie of the year –> The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift. My friends and I went for this movie last night at GSC 1Utama. While waiting for the movie to start, the place become a…

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    Movies movies~

    The only entertainment for me in KL is just watching movies in the cinema. Last Wednesday, my friends and I went to 1U for the movie, The Omen.