Day 6 Begins – 24 Season 6~


He was captured by the China Government in the last season. He was badly beaten up and tortured by the Chinese just to get some information out of him. Then, Day 6 begun… Yes, my favorite TV series, 24 season 6 had returned with day 6! The premiere of this season was scheduled at 14th of January but some how the first four episodes were leaked and I think the whole internet citizens had downloaded all of them and watched it, including me~ hehe..

FOX TV will release a “Season 6 Premiere” DVD on January 16 in the United States and Canada. The DVD will include all 4 opening episodes and a twelve minute preview to the fifth episode. However on January 6, all 4 episodes were leaked onto the internet by people who obtained the “Season 6 Premiere” DVD.

220px-jack_bauer_season_6.jpgWhat about this season? The season starts with a 10 minutes preview of what happen to Jack Bauer after being captured by the Chinese. The preview involves the Chinese official Cheng Zhi attempting to determine which one of two Chinese agents works for the U.S. government by interrogating and torturing Jack Bauer. Then, it is the starting of day 6 where there were a lot of suicide bombers in the U.S. killing lots of innocent citizens. Jack was released and transfered back to the States by the order of the U.S. President (Oh my god.. Wayne Palmer is the U.S. President now…).

The storyline of the first 3 episodes were actually quite slow and erm… BORING. Jack was not in a good condition due to the torturing by the Chinese and also the terrorists (you will see this in the first episode). It is the first time I have ever seen Jack in such weak condition. His response was slow, he can’t even interrogate the terrorists like the way he used to. But something serious happened at the end of the 4th hour, a nuke (hint.. I’ve written too much spoilers here I think, so better end it up).

I’ve been following 24 since the season 1. Why I like this series so much? The reason is, you don’t get to watch a US TV series that have an ending every season like 24. Series like LOST, Alias, Prison Break… they just keep on continue and continue every season without a proper ending to it. Unlike those never ending series, 24 always gives the audience a satisfying ending to all the terrorist attacks, although bad things always happen to Jack at the end of the season.

Enough said, get ready for the 4 hours premiere of 24 Season 6 on the 14th and 15th of January on FOX. Hopefully this would be the best season ever!

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