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The only entertainment for me in KL is just watching movies in the cinema. Last Wednesday, my friends and I went to 1U for the movie, The Omen.

Its all about a kid being possesed by demon (or is he the demon himself?). The producers did a great job in advertising the movies.. launching the movie on the date 06.06.06 would just makes everyone thinking that its a horror movie.

Oh~! Damien is here.. run run!! I’m so scared!!

Maybe the movie is a remake of the 1976 version, that makes it so.. err.. BORING! The storyline runs in a “slow-mo” mode and then just shock you in the middle of silence. That’s all. Then its some scene where they saw their death in the photos.. is this Final Destination 3 or what?? Maybe FD3 copied the tricks after all.. lol.. The ending, you should know that there will be no happy ending as this movie have 2 more episodes to go. What a great movie to pass my boring times~

Speaking of passing my boring times, we went to watch movies again the next day. We went to the new Cineleisure in Mutiara Damansara which just opened a few weeks ago. Although its named Cineleisure, there’s only 10 cinemas in the whole building, which is lesser than GSC in 1U.. lol. Tired of watching stupid horror movies, we watched this!

Oh ya.. its the Benchwarmers~! Its about 3 nerds try and make up for missed opportunities in childhood by forming a three-player baseball team to compete against standard little league squads.
The whole cinema burst into laughter as soon as the movie started. The nerds are really damn funny and the 3 of us just can’t stop laughing until can’t catch our breath. Seriously, this movie is much entertaining if compared to The Omen.

After movie, the 3 of us went to a cafe for some beers in The Curve.
Loon and Jie..

And me… 6 bottles of Heineken costs us Rm100+.. zzz This is freakin expensive~! Luckily they 2 treated me for it. Loon is having his offday today. I’m sure we gonna watch Blacknight, another horror movie later as he was so eager to watch it last week..

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  • daren@musa

    Morning dude,
    Thanks for the movie review. I trust your judgement, so I won’t be wasting time watching “slow-mo” and boring movies. I watched the Korean movie called Almost Love last Saturday, and I do recommend it for you guys. Good for Korean last night to won against… Togo? Tago? whatever the name… I almost devastated when they were behind 0-1 in the 1st half.. er.. how in the world I go to football matches now? hehehe…ok, I better stop or I will continue babling nonsense here. cao!

  • menghua

    wah… u really trust my judgement ar?? but seriously many ppl giv bad comment for The Omen la… Almost Love? I tot there’s another Korean movie erm.. Daisy? Oh yeah… korean won TOGO.. Proud of asians… or chinese?? lol… all korean goals were superb man!

  • daren@musa

    yes…I do. er.. I mean, yes I do trust yoru Am waiting for SUPERMAN!! now… how about the MI? I heard lots of different opinion on it… both good and bad.. so, I haven’t watch it yet. besides.. its no longer in the Cinema.. so, whats your say about MI?

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