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Are You Tired of Blogging?~

  1. If you are tired of spending hours per day just to get 1 post published for your blog, you are tired of blogging.
  2. If you are tired of wasting a lot of time just to select photos out of 1000 photos of your holiday trip to blog, then you are tired of blogging.
  3. If you are cracking your head of what to write today, you are tired of blogging.
  4. If you are frustrated of getting nothing out of you Google Adsense although you tried very hard to locate those ads in your blog, you are tired of blogging.
  5. If you are spending a lot of time reading posts from Technorati or Digg just to get a right content for you to blog with because you can’t get any ideas to blog, you are tired of blogging.
  6. If you can think of more reasons of being tired of blogging, then you are tired of blogging.
  7. If these facts are true to you, why are you still blogging?

Because….. I’M LOVING IT!!~

Sorry for all these craps. I’m just trying to blog in a style like this after reading a E-book with lots of questions like these. I’ve just finished my final exams for this semester yesterday. My 1 month holiday just started, TODAY! Yeah!~ Finally I got some time to relax. The bad news is that I don’t have broadband at home so expect lesser posting in the coming month. But no matter how I’ll try to blog as many as possible with my Tmnet 56kbps Dial Up connection. Sigh~! Hopefully I will have a lot of photos posts on my holiday trips. 🙂

An engineer which have a lot of interests in gadgets and technology stuffs. The blog varies from life events to gadgets reviews and hacks.


  • Alex

    happy holidays, while i enjoy my 3 mnths holiday. muahahahha!!

    yeah sometimes i get tired of blogging… nothin to write. like u haf something in mind u wan2 write… but u just duno how to put it in words

  • Apek-kun

    i stumbled upon your blog here..i too sometimes feel tired of fact i got about 5 tired of blogging and stopped writting for a while..just now i discovered wordpress and i love it…and thus fall in love with blogging all over again..did you know that there are more people writing blogs than those who actually read other people’s blog??hmm..intriguing..

  • Apek-kun

    i stumbled upon your blog here…might as well drop a comment..actually sometimes i do tired of blogging..i agree with Alex..exactly the same problem with..i really something to write about but just don’t know how to put them in words..always blank when try to write something..that’s probably why my english sucks and repetitive..oh by the way..did you know that there are more people writing blogs than those who actually read other people’s blog??hmmm..intriguing..probably the answer to that question is your post up there..we just love blogging are we..cheers..

  • Magickman

    Sometimes silence IS golden. “Nothing to tok, don tokkkok!” (to quote a famous line from Huzir Sulaiman’s hit musical, Hip-Hopera). I was looking through new blogposts on PPS when I saw your headline – at least it caught my attention! You see, I just began blogging in December 2006, so there’s heckuva lot for me to learn – waddafuk’s RSS, DIGG, Atom, SEO, and so on. Good for an old fart like me to learn new things, keeps the brain well-oiled, right? So, don’t delete your blog if you don’t feel inspired. You never know when a stranger might stumble upon it and find something amusing or instructive therein. Then he might leave a comment and maybe, just maybe, somebody else will check out his or her blog… and be inspired all over again! And so the wheel goes round and round….exchange of data, freeflow of bits and bytes, keeps us all
    interconnected in Cyberspace – nice feeling, what?

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