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Finally Back in Skudai~

After 10 weeks of training in EDS (M), my training finally finished. The last week is actually quite fun because I get to install a server at Freescale Semiconductor. Its a Snapserver where the installation is actually quite easy. But it took us (sales support guy and me) almost 3 hours just to set it up at the data center there. We found out that its the hardware faulty problem so we had to change it with another new one.. Sigh.. The last day at the company is quite normal. I just fix the staff’s laptops, adding memory for the server and etc. Had lunch with my team in Ecenit at kfc as well. Then its 6pm and I’m off the place for good~ haha..

Woke up early on Saturday and packed everything into the car. Started the journey back to Skudai around 11.30am. Then I had lunch at Melaka with Keat and Yin. Melaka is our pit stop for going back Skudai actually.. lol.. After lunch I continued my journey back to Skudai.

Once I reached my house there, guess what, no one at home. All my housemates went Tebrau for movies. And guess what again.. I don’t have my house keys with me! Damn it. All the time I thought my keys are in my car but I searched for half an hour and still can’t find it. My housemates asked me to settled it myself as they were quite far and waiting for a movie to start. Sigh.. I did something.. extraordinary..
I climbed up the windows…
Up to the 2nd floor balcony…

Ok I don’t know when I’ve become spiderman or what-so-ever but I did managed to climbed up to the 2nd floor balcony and get into the house from the balcony door. Luckily they forgot to lock it. I searched for house keys in the whole house but the spare keys are in my housemate’s room next to my room. Guess what… its locked. The room is connected to my room through the attached bathroom and my room is locked as well.. damn it. Then I found keys in my friend’s room and open the main door, took all my things out and waited for them to come back. By the time they came back, its already 10pm. Must be Keat transfered all his “unluckyness” to me already.. gosh.. Cleaned my room and packed all my things… Home sweet home.. Tomorrow will be the 1st day of class again… zzz

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